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Rex and Roxy
Rex and Roxy appeared at the Agoura Shelter in April of 2005. Their owner had a heart attack and her husband fell into a deep depression. He couldn't take care of himself, and therefore was unable to care for his beloved pets anymore. They were finally brought into the shelter to be put down. Both dogs were extremely thin, and very sick. Rex was in especially bad shape. The shelter intervened and rather than put the dogs down they contacted several rescue groups to see if they could find new homes for these senior dogs who had been together for many years. Lifeline 4 Paws took both dogs in, we did not want them being separated from each other. They had been companions for 13 1/2 years. A Foster home was in place however, during their evaluation and veterinary exam it was discovered that they had Bordetella also known as Kennel Cough. Rex and Roxy were placed in my care to be quarantined and nursed them back to health. After about 3 weeks they were well enough to be placed in a foster home, by this time I was already taken with this wonderful pair. The day after they were placed in their new foster home we received a call that Rex sat by the front door howling for 4 hours waiting for me to come back and he howled for 4 hours. I was heartbroken. I offered to take Rex and Roxy back and to foster them myself. Soon Rex and Roxy began to thrive. Each day brought something new. They were my constant companions. Roxy was a 7 lb firecracker when need be. She may have only had three teeth, but she scared my 75lb dog to death. Rex was a true gentleman. Always gracious. Sadly, Roxy developed Congestive Heart Failure and began to decline. But she had 7 gloriously happy and loving months. Rex, my brave boy, went on another 2 months before developing a neurological problem.

All in all, I am so very thankful for the time I had with them. I had never had dogs growing up so I really didn't know what I had missed until Rex and Roxy.

They knew they were deeply loved and they knew how important they were to me. But, oh how I miss them, even now.

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