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Sugar was in the Medical facility at the Camarillo Shelter just before Christmas 2005. She was tiny, old, no teeth, bald on her back, deaf, flea ridden, and almost blind. After her owner died, she ended up at the shelter like so many do. I looked into her eyes when I snapped this photo. She was an angel. I wondered how she'd get on with Rex my boy. I brought her home just before Christmas and what a wonderful gift she was. Sugar and Rex got along I guess because they knew what their situations were. Sugar was a 4
1/2 pound bundle of love. And, to my surprise, she would charge the big dogs with the cutest little animated "Minnie-mouse" arf-arf bark you've ever heard. I almost broke my leg the first time she went after a Golden Retriever. She and Rex would travel with me on my daily rounds and we would frequent our favorite parks. Her hair grew back and she was happy. Around 5/06, I noticed something wrong in her behavior so we went in for x-rays and tests. Her Gall Bladder was the size of a golf ball and full of stones. And she had a tumor on her Liver. She had major surgery removing both the Gall Bladder and the Liver tumor. She was hospitalized for 5 days and it was dicey once she got home. It was a miracle she survived it all as we think she was about 15 years old. About late June 06 she was hell on wheels. Running, prancing, and doing everything cute for a treat. Those stones must have been giving her trouble for years but now they were gone and she was pain free. It was really something to see. In August of 2006, we ran blood work on her and discovered she was showing signs of Kidney Failure. It was devastating news. We tried adjusting her diet but it threw her little system into shock. We knew her time was near and waited for the inevitable. The last week, she drew near to me. She was always by my side. The day I took her into our vet, we stopped by our favorite park. The leaves were turning orange and red. The sunlight filtered through the leaves and it was glorious. I held her close, rocking her like a baby. I turned her so she could see the light and we whispered our goodbyes. Heart to heart. Spirit to spirit. I loved her a lifetime in the 10 months I was fortunate enough to have with her.

I will never forget Sugar. She taught me so much about myself. Things I would never have learned on my own. Oh, how I miss her. Still.

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